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Are you in need of professional and reliable tire change and repair services? Look no further than Kochhar Motors. We are your one-stop destination for all tyre-related requirements.

We totally understand that a flat tire can ruin all your plans and cause major inconvenience. This could disrupt your daily routine and also cause a threat to safety while at high speeds. Our prompt yet top-notch services let you get back on the road with confidence.



0452 300 370

Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to providing you with the following Tyre related services:

Tyre Change

Whether you have a flat or worn-out tyre, we can swiftly and efficiently replace it with high-quality options that will last you longer.

Tyre Repair

Never let a puncture ruin your mood! Technicians at Kochhar Motors can patch up minor tyre damage such as punctures and small cuts.

Balancing and Alignment

A faulty tyre alignment can cause you huge losses. We ensure that your tyres have a proper balancing and alignment saving you future costs of a full replacement.

Tyre Inspection

Along with all these services you can get a regular tyre inspection that helps prevent major tyre problems. Our tyre inspections catch potential issues early.

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Experienced and Skilled Technicians

Skilled technicians at Kochhar Motors have an unparalleled expertise. Years of hands of experience has made them masters of their craft. Our technicians hold degrees and have gone through extensive training. They ensure that your vehicle is always fit to hit the road.

Reliability and Safety

Quality workmanship at our place ensures that your car is technically strong enough to be used for long distance travel unconcerned. At our repair center our team adheres to the best industry standard practices ensuring the reliability and safety of repaired vehicles.


At Kochhar Motors we put emphasis on commitment to transparency in pricing and service. Walking in at our place you can find detailed estimates for necessary repairs. Furthermore seeking client approval before any work is always our priority.