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The exhaust system in a car plays a vital role in ensuring your car’s performance as well as the environment’s health. At Kochhar Motors we understand the importance of a well-maintained exhaust system.

It is a crucial component of your vehicle hence, proper maintenance is necessary to keep it going well. This is why we offer a wide range of services for your vehicle’s exhaust system. If there is a leak or damage to your exhaust it results in decreased performance and increased emissions.

At Kochhar Motors certified mechanics diagnose and fix your exhaust section to ensure your vehicle is running efficiently.



0452 300 370

Common Issues in your Exhaust May Include:

Repairs and Replacements- Based on the findings of the inspection process the mechanic will determine which components of the exhaust are required to be repaired or replaced.

Muffler– There may be damage to the muffler which can result in an unusual noise from the exhaust. Replacing it with a new one might be necessary.

Exhaust Pipes– Corroded or cracked exhaust pipes should be replaced. This prevents leaks in the exhaust system of your car.

Exhaust System Cleaning– With the increasing kilometers in the odometer carbon buildup could choke your exhaust. Cleaning the system would improve exhaust flow and performance.

Welding and Fabrication– In some cases especially older vehicles the exhaust system is damaged and needs to be welded. Our certified technicians may perform welding and fabrication works to repair your exhaust.

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Experienced and Skilled Technicians

Skilled technicians at Kochhar Motors have an unparalleled expertise. Years of hands of experience has made them masters of their craft. Our technicians hold degrees and have gone through extensive training. They ensure that your vehicle is always fit to hit the road.

Reliability and Safety

Quality workmanship at our place ensures that your car is technically strong enough to be used for long distance travel unconcerned. At our repair center our team adheres to the best industry standard practices ensuring the reliability and safety of repaired vehicles.


At Kochhar Motors we put emphasis on commitment to transparency in pricing and service. Walking in at our place you can find detailed estimates for necessary repairs. Furthermore seeking client approval before any work is always our priority.