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Air and cabin filter replacement

Air and Cabin Filter Replacement

All vehicles are different, but you must check your cabin and air filter at the regular recommended intervals. As the name itself suggest filters in your vehicle are meant to protect the cabin and engine components from harmful particles.

These filters play a vital role in ensuring that the quality of air that enters your cabin is fresh and breathable. The Cabin Filter is meant to capture fine pollutants or any stench present inside your car.

Now if you notice that your car has an unpleasant odor or the air flow has decreased then it’s time for you to change your cabin filter.


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With an Air and Cabin Filter Replacement from Kochhar Motors pollution in the car can be controlled!

On the other hand, air filters are present in the air intake system of the engine and are designed in such a manner that they ensure clean air supply inside the engine. Clean and oxygen-rich air is necessary for a good combustion leading to better performance and efficiency of the engine.

Simply bring your car to our place and leave everything else on us!

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Experienced and Skilled Technicians

Skilled technicians at Kochhar Motors have an unparalleled expertise. Years of hands of experience has made them masters of their craft. Our technicians hold degrees and have gone through extensive training. They ensure that your vehicle is always fit to hit the road.

Reliability and Safety

Quality workmanship at our place ensures that your car is technically strong enough to be used for long distance travel unconcerned. At our repair center our team adheres to the best industry standard practices ensuring the reliability and safety of repaired vehicles.


At Kochhar Motors we put emphasis on commitment to transparency in pricing and service. Walking in at our place you can find detailed estimates for necessary repairs. Furthermore seeking client approval before any work is always our priority.